Remove My Tree Stump or Grind It- Which is Better?

Removing a tree from your landscape is a big decision; one that comes with many things to consider. One of these considerations is what will I do with the tree stump that is left behind once the actual tree is removed? There are two answers to this question; leave it or remove it.

Leaving a stump is the easiest thing to do, but probably not the best option. Tree stumps can be unsightly and cause an otherwise well-manicured yard to look unkempt. They can be a tripping hazard, mowing hazard, and a host to pests and decay that can spread to other foliage in your yard. The roots left behind with the stump can be a problem for pipes, sewer lines, foundations and sidewalks.

With that in mind, getting rid of the stump would be your best bet. So, should you remove the stump or grind it down? Looking at the pros and cons of each will help you make the best decision.

Which is better, complete stump removal or grinding?

Stump Removal:


  • Removes the stump and all roots
  • Stops the spread of decay and pests
  • Adds valuable space to your yard
  • Removes the risk of damage to pipes, sewer, foundation and sidewalks


  • Most intrusive
  • Leaves a large hole in the yard
Stump Grinding


  • Easiest way to remove stump
  • Least invasive and most effective
  • Leaves wood chips that can be used as mulch
  • Adds valuable space to your yard


  • Leaves the roots behind
  • Decay and pests can still spread to other parts of the yard
  • Takes 10+ years for roots to decay

Both options will leave your yard without the unsightly stump so which should you choose? If the roots, decay or pests are a problem, then having the whole stump and root system removed is what you need. But, if the roots are not causing any destruction and there is no pest problem, then grinding would be the way to go.

The best thing you can do when trying to decide whether to remove the stump or grind it is to contact a professional. Z Tree Experts can guide you when making this decision. Once the decision is made, we will be happy to get rid of the stump for you by either removal or grinding. Give us a call today.