How to Take Care of Your Trees in New Jersey

Landscape trees, like all other plants and shrubs need routine care to stay healthy and thrive. By caring for your trees and keeping up with regular maintenance, you are helping them to live a long, healthy life, and saving on future costs for tree removal if the trees become diseased. A regular tree care program through an experienced and reputable company like Z Tree Experts can help identify problems and address issues before any damage can occur to the trees at your home or business.

5 Steps for Routine Maintenance

  1. Inspect- carefully look at your trees each spring and fall for any visible changes such as bare or broken limbs, fungus, insects, holes, etc.
  2. Prune- cutting away damaged, dead or sick branches or stems will increase the health and growth in your trees. It will also increase the fruitfulness of fruiting trees.
  3. Mulch- this can be one of the most beneficial steps for your trees when done correctly. Mulching provides a barrier for the tree that helps hold in moisture, controls the growth of weeds, reduces the risk of damage caused by mowers and weed eaters, and insulates the soil around the tree against severe cold and heat.
  4. Fertilize- landscape trees suffer from some stressors that wilderness trees do not, causing them to lose essential nutrients. By applying a slow-release fertilizer around the base of your trees, you are adding these nutrients into the soil which will increase the health and strength of your trees.
  5. Water- trees need water just like other plants. When trees are deprived of water, their leaves begin to wilt, turn yellow and eventually start dropping. Watering your trees on a regular basis, especially in hot dry times of the year will prevent tree dehydration.

Each of the above steps is an important part of your tree’s health. Knowing how to implement these steps can be tricky. If not done properly, you can cause as much damage, if not more, than not doing the step at all. If you are not sure how to prune, mulch, fertilize or water your trees correctly it is best to contact a tree specialist. Z Tree Experts will be happy to assist you with all your tree needs.