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As part of the tree removal process, tree stumps will typically be cut as close to the ground as possible. If requested, the stump of the tree can be entirely removed as an additional service. As a top rated tree service company in communities surrounding Montclair, Wayne and Clifton NJ, Z Tree Experts uses the top machinery available to achieve the best results of the stump grinding process during tree removal.  Z Tree Experts has many years of experience and uses several safeguards and do not recommend tree stump removal or tree stump grinding as a DIY project. Our team will discuss the best options for stump removal with you based on your landscaping needs.

Why Remove your Stump?

  • Aesthetics- The leftover tree stump is unappealing in a yard, courtyard, or any maintained land surface.
  • Hazard- Tree stumps are dangerous and can pose a liability to property owners. Stumps are low to the ground and can easily cause a person to trip and fall. Lawn mowers can also be damaged when mowing over the low lying stump.
  • Insects- Dead and decaying wood is an attractant to many insects. Beetles, termites, ants and other wood-boring pests that inhabit the stump may easily spread to your home or building and cause further damage.
  • Tree Growth- Stumps promote new tree growth in and around the stump. These new tree growths can be unsightly to your landscaping and may be difficult to remove.

Your friendly specialists at Z Tree Experts can easily remove all accessible tree stumps, both pre-existing or outstanding from a tree removal.