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Pruning is important to the life and health of your trees. Whether you prefer to have seasonal maintenance to keep your residential or commercial properties beautiful, or you have dead or dying branches, a professional at Z Tree Experts is just a phone call away. Our tree service experts will guide you through the pruning process and be sure to leave your property clean and safe.

Why prune your tree?

Pruning a tree is removing specific limbs or branches to benefit the overall tree. This is done for many reasons which can be discussed with Z Tree Experts on site. Common reasons for tree pruning services are:

  • Health-Removing dead and dying branches can increase the life of your tree and prevent insects and decaying organisms from entering the tree.
  • Safety-Dead and dying branches pose a threat to surrounding areas. When tree branches are dying, they are an extreme risk for causing property damage, personal injury or even death.
  • Maintenance-Removal of erratic branches maintains a natural tree form for visual appeal.
  • Stimulate or Restrict Growth-Pruning can both increase or prevent growth on certain parts of the tree where desired.

When you hire Z Tree Experts in the Northern New Jersey area you can be sure your tree will be pruned, trimmed, and maintained to the highest standard.