Benefits of Hiring a Tree Expert

Anytime you have a living thing, it must be taken care of whether it is a child, a pet, a garden or a tree. Keeping your trees beautiful and healthy can be a daunting task. The upkeep, maintenance and troubleshooting can be more than you want to or know how to handle. If that is the case, hiring a tree expert might be the best decision you can make. Z Tree Experts is the top tree company servicing North Caldwell, West Caldwell, and surrounding towns in Essex and Passaic Counties.

What is a Tree Expert?

A tree expert is a trained, certified person who cultivates, manages and studies individual trees and shrubs.

What do tree experts do?

  • Troubleshoot problematic situations
  • Trune trees to ensure proper growth
  • Trim branches
  • Have the proper equipment
  • Keep safety as a priority
  • Give you advice on upkeep such as soil treatment, mulching, watering, and feeding
  • Aid you in emergency situations with branch or tree removal
  • Plant and maintain the health of young trees
  • Spray for tree infestations
  • Perform routine maintenance, seasonally or year round
  • Give you advice on the perfect landscape trees
  • Cable and brace trees
  • Help you in saving a weak or sick tree
  • Advise you on tree care

In general, trees are hardy, but they can encounter problems. Regular maintenance is key to healthy, sturdy, disease free trees.
Most people don’t realize the amount of maintenance a tree should receive in order to stay healthy. Seasonal maintenance can get confusing. Do I prune my trees in the spring or summer? Should I mulch in the summer to keep the soil moist from the heat or in the winter to shield the roots from the cold? A tree expert can clear up all the questions you may have.

Why Choose Z Tree Experts?

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Experienced & Skilled Workforce
  • Top of the Line Equipment and Machinery
  • Impeccable Cleanup
  • 24 Hour Storm/Emergency Service
  • Free Estimates
  • Competitive Pricing

Hiring a tree specialist to take care of your trees is a smart investment in your landscape. Tree experts can be costly, but when compared to an emergency call or losing a tree that has been a part of your lives for years, it is a small price to pay. Healthy, well maintained trees can add to the value of your home, so taking good care of them truly is an investment. When you’re looking for an experienced and top-rated tree expert in Northern NJ, look no further than Z Tree Experts!