Tips on Keeping Your Trees Pest Free

The wonderfully warm, sunny spring weather has everyone venturing outside. Along with this comes taking care of our yard. We work on planting gardens, watering our lawn, and tending our flowerbeds. But do we even think about our trees? For some reason, trees only get our attention when we notice something is wrong, but by that point it could be too late. Taking the time to evaluate your trees for problems, such as pests, is the first step to keeping them healthy.

What is a Tree Pest?

A tree pest is an insect that hampers the healthy production of a tree.
While there are several pests that can harm or even kill trees, the most common ones to this area include different types of mites, aphids, moths/caterpillars, adelgids, beetles and borers.

A healthy tree can usually fight off these harmful invaders on their own…keeping trees in good shape is essential.

Steps to keeping trees healthy so they can fight off unwanted pests:

  1. Provide rich, healthy soil– keeping the soil rich in nutrients by composting, careful feeding, and providing proper drainage will encourage healthy tree growth
  2. Keep the area around the trees free from debris– this will keep pests from hibernating and flourishing in the decaying branches, leaves, and fruit that can collect under the canopy of a tree.
  3. Mulch correctly– over mulching can cause root rot during wet seasons which is a breeding ground for tree pests.
  4. Proper watering– over watering can do just as much harm to your tree as under watering by giving pests a moist place to thrive.
  5. Properly pruning– careful pruning by avoiding improper cuts to the tree will keep from giving pests easy access into the trunk of the tree.

Keeping pests off your trees entirely is an unrealistic expectation but giving your tree every chance to survive is your responsibility. If you suspect a pest problem, even with a healthy tree, call Z Tree Experts. Our professionals will help assess the pest problem, provide helpful information, and assist you in deciding on the best solution.