Emergency Tree Job Nutley, NJ.

The client called us around 7 in the evening and said we have a tree that fell on top of our garage. Within 20 minutes, John Zelenka, a New Jersey Licensed Tree Expert was on scene to evaluate the situation and figure out a course of action.

The next morning, we had all equipment on site by 7:30am ready to tackle this job. The houses in Nutley are close together on this particular street so we could not use a crane for the removal. We could only fit a bucket truck down the driveway and use bottle jacks to lift the tree off the house. We even made sure nothing happened to the decking beneath the fallen tree. Out team used 8 sheets of plywood and built a 6×6 bridge structure over the deck to support the bottle jacks. As a finishing touch, we trapped the roof and laid the rocks back so we could walk to the driveway and not get muddy.

All in all this job went very smooth and came out beautiful. The homeowner could not be happier and with our extensive pictures and proposal, the insurance had no problem covering the cost of the job.

If you have any tree related problems, emergencies, or just have a question for a tree expert in Nutley, NJ give us a call.